Q: When does AUTTC meet?

A:The All University Traffic & Transportation Committee generally meets on the third Thursday of each month during fall and spring semesters. Meetings start at 3:00 P.M. Locations may vary, please see schedule.


Q: Are the meetings open to the public?

A: Because the AUTTC is a standing university committee, created by the Board of Trustess action, all meetings of the full committee are open to the public and comments are welcome.


Q: What’s the best way to correspond with the AUTTC?

A: Each meeting has an agenda topic where correspondence to any committee member is discussed. Since each major group on campus has a representative, why not email your question or comment to your representative. Please see our members page.


Q: How much power does AUTTC have?

A: The AUTTC is advisory to the Director and Police Chief on matters pertaining to motorized and non-motorized transportation for the MSU community. However, the AUTTC is used as a sounding board for issues and a conduit for ideas.